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TFN Meets Quiqup

As more retailers move online the demand for next and same-day delivery has rocketed, 🚀 amplified by Covid-fatigue and fierce competition from retail giants such as Amazon.

We speak to Bassel El Koussa, co-founder and CEO of Quiqup, a same-day (or same hour) ⏰ delivery solution offering quicker and more efficient options to retailers.

Despite demand, Bassel explains why many retailers didn’t meet the idea with open arms and how the business pivoted twice, ultimately relocating to the UAE. 📍

We also explore some of the key differences in his experience within the UK and UAE from logistics to stakeholder management.

Thank you for this thoroughly interesting interview and to Inger Anson at Harrison Clark Rickerbys Ltd for sharing your expert legal advice regarding how to be best prepared for approaching investors!



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