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New Study: 85% of UK Workers Want to Start Their Own Business

From our Partners at Oracle NetSuite.

  • Almost one in five of these workers (18%) plan to start their business in 2022

  • Millennials are the most likely to want to start their own business

  • Existing UK business founders are concerned about the current business environment and are shifting their priorities to focus on profitability

UK workers want to start their own business, become their own boss, and believe a 'side hustle' is the first step, according to a new study by Oracle NetSuite and The Founding Network, a global community of the most innovative, high-growth SME leaders.

The study of more than 2,000 UK workers and business founders revealed that UK workers are ready to go out on their own, while UK business founders are shifting priorities and learning new skills. Crucially, both current and future founders recognise the critical role technology will play in their success.

Netsuite Article (full)
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