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Make way for the new influencer

Harnessing the power of employee ambassadors, part of the Resource Solutions employer brand series for talent attraction and retention



The individuals who work at your organisation can be one of your strongest resources to power your employer brand strategy. While it won’t happen overnight - building an effective and lasting employer brand is an ongoing task that an organisation needs to work at to maintain and strengthen their reputation as a desirable employer. The values your organisation embodies should give employees and candidates something to believe, aspire and feel connected to.

Is this the right time to be launching an employee advocacy programme?

If your organisation has recently restructured, then there are other employer brand initiatives that you can activate to be more sensitive to situation. If you never had a programme in place, it’ll be that much harder to drum up organisational-wide consensus and excitement when lay-offs are imminent and your workforce is overwhelmed. Lead with empathy – make sure your employee advocacy programme complements your brand voice and timing for employees.

Managing your Employer Brand EMEA - Make Way for the New Influencer
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