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Watch the Session: Impactful Marketing Masterclass with Attest

Emerging technology has enabled new ways of collection and analysis of consumer data. Consumer research is being redefined as more people purchase online, allowing companies to tap into new datasets of consumer behaviour that are large, dynamic, high-quality, and updated in real time.

To shed more light on the topic, we hosted an incredibly impactful masterclass with Jeremy King and Tony Hunter, Co-Founders of Attest where they shared how Attest takes the guesswork out of growth for SMBs and Enterprises, by making it simple and fast to uncover opportunity with consumer data; their own founder experiences and, quite frankly, disrupted everything we thought we knew about consumers and where to advertise...

We covered tailored insights and practical tips about your CUSTOMERS

  • How are your consumers interacting with your ads?

  • Where are your consumers finding new brands?

  • Where should you be paying to advertise?

  • How has your business remained on top of change?

Watch the session below.



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