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How to create and communicate your employee value proposition (EVP)

How to tell your real brand story, part of the Resource Solutions employer brand series for talent attraction and retention


During a crisis and period of change, the companies and brands that demonstrate exceptional leadership are the ones remembered by consumers and candidates. Employers and employees are facing the pandemic together – and the latter’s leadership is critical to weathering the instability and jumpstarting the economy.

With the dynamic of the employer-employee relationship changing almost overnight, it’s become clear that organisations need to be humanising their brands and connecting with candidates and employees on a personal level. In fact, it has become mandatory in today’s recruitment landscape: 75% of candidates have said that they check out a company’s online presence before applying to the advert (LinkedIn). With mutual respect, inclusivity and shared goals taking new meaning in a post- pandemic recovery, there is no better time than today for employers to demonstrate their values to the candidate market.

Managing your Employer Brand EMEA - How to Create and Communicate your EVP
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