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How to build your startup's customer engagement roadmap

From our partners at Twilio


From the launch of your startup, customer engagement is key to building meaningful connections and improving customer experience.

Why is building a customer engagement roadmap important for startups?

Customer engagement is the emotional connection between your company and your customers -these sentiments strongly influence buying decisions. Unsurprisingly, customers who actively engage with a business tend to be more loyal and customers spend more money supporting brands they feel connected to.

You have the opportunity to build your customer communications from the ground up with your startup. It’s important to spend the time to deeply understand customers and solve problems from their perspective. The goal of your customer communication strategy is to earn trust through every interaction.

Every company raced to build new ways to engage with their customers due to COVID-19. But digital engagement didn’t just keep companies afloat - more digital touch-points gave companies better insights into their customers and led to higher customer satisfaction.

You can start building a successful customer engagement roadmap by running experiments to reach your customers on the right channel at the right time. There is not one customer engagement roadmap that works for every startup, but you can begin by using Twilio Startups Customer Engagement Canvas to create your own unique customer engagement strategy, keeping in mind factors like urgency, opt-ins, cost, and content.

Check out Twilio’s Startups Customer Engagement Canvas to start building your customer engagement strategy.


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