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What can you learn from a business that has closed its doors?

In truth? A lot.

We speak with Becky Downing ex-founder of Buzz, about what she learnt whilst running the business and what she would do differently.

Becky speaks openly and honestly about the real challenges of trying to run a business that has been hit hard by Covid.

She explains why experience in the industry you’re branching into isn’t always essential.

How she dealt with the immense pressure of disappointing staff and investors when deciding to shut down.

As well as her journey, as a founder, with mental health and why she recommends founder support groups and therapy.

There are so many valuable insights in this short clip for all founders but especially for those who have and are continuing to feel the affects of the pandemic.

As with all of our interviews, Becky has given us tons to think about and apply. We can’t thank her enough for her honest insight into the reality of running a startup and for sharing her personal experience with our network of founders.



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