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The Power of AR: Connecting with eCommerce Consumers

Is augmented reality the final frontier? Not necessarily, but it’s certainly the future. In fact, for the savviest of ecommerce strategists among us, it’s the here and now.


It’s been estimated that nearly 75% of the global population will be frequent users of augmented reality (AR) by the year 2025. In other words, that means almost every single person who uses social or communication apps will be engaging with AR. Having anticipated this growth, some brands quickly got ahead of the curve and are now actively engaging with AR – and reaping the benefits today, notably through Snap.

AR’s growing popularity signals exceptionally promising news for e-commerce brands – not only as a means to advertise, but also as a way for consumers to shop. In order to understand AR’s significance on a brand’s connection to the consumer, let’s first explore the concept of immersion.

Understanding Immersion

It’s widely known that AR provides the user with a uniquely immersive experience. Understanding the science behind immersion is the first step towards creating a marketing strategy that not only engages an audience, but also prompts measurable action.

Put very simply, immersion is measured by physiological changes in the respondent as they view content. Think movie classics here. There’s a reason why the soundtrack to a scary film is as vital to the atmosphere as the visual! It encourages full immersion. When an individual is highly immersed, they are attentive, emotionally engaged and committing information to memory. Immersion rates are measured from 0 to 100 on the Immersion Index – the higher the figure, the more immersed the individual. Why not learn more about the importance of an immersive platform?

AR Advantages

With these factors in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that AR campaigns are proven to capture the consumer’s attention at twice the rate of non-AR campaigns. Indeed, product interaction through an AR experience leads to a 94% higher conversion rate because individuals are better placed to assess the product and connect with the brand. In other words, immersion is an absolute key time to advertise. And for brands seeking to scale up or simply accelerate, choice of platform can play as large a part in campaign success as content.

Trying AR Technology

Maximising AR technology allows your consumer to connect with your content in a more meaningful way, which ultimately drives business results. But it also lets you meet your consumer at a very exciting time in retail history and establish connections at each stage of the consumer lifecycle.

Successfully carving a place for your brand in the market is not an automatic guarantee, but as Snapchat’s key differentiator, we know AR provides a real competitive edge. Making your mark means connecting with your consumer in a meaningful way. And there’s no better way or, indeed, time to do that than through AR-generated immersion.

Don’t know where to start? Snap got you covered thanks to the Lens Web Builder, no install, no coding experience needed, and free to use. Did we do that for you? Yes, we did.



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