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TFN Meets: Tina Aird, Microsoft Advertising

A relaxed discussion with Microsoft's new Advertising SMB Lead, UK and Nordics


We were delighted to have a chance to speak so candidly with Microsoft Advertising’s newly appointed Advertising SMB Lead, UK and Nordics, Tina Aird who shared her perspectives on impactful marketing opportunities for startups and scale-ups.

Having worked with big brands for a lot of her career, Tina spoke openly with The Founding Network’s James Sutcliffe about how small businesses should really tap into their ability to innovate quickly in order to reach their consumers in meaningful ways.

The key to this? The Missing Middle, coined by Tina herself.

Between the short-term demand performance marketing and the long-term brand building is a gap that is bridged by mental availability and intent to buy which empowers businesses to influence both ends of the marketing funnel.

The Missing Middle, where we find sentiment and valuable consumer data and insights not only informs marketing goals, but also business goals. This is a real win when speaking to investors who want to see where the marketing spend is going and what impact it’s actually having on the bottom line.

In addition to this, Tina also shared her perspectives on how brands can avoid overstepping on personalisation and the importance of getting rich first-party data from your consumers.


To find out more about The Missing Middle, you can download the e-book.

For useful resources relating to the themes and topics covered, take a look at Microsoft Advertising’s LinkedIn page.

Watch the session we co-hosted with Microsoft Advertising, featuring Melissa Snover, Founder & CEO, Nourished.



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