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TFN Meets Oddbox

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We meet with Emilie Vanpoperinghe, co-founder of Oddbox

Oddbox is a subscription box model that saves fruit and veg otherwise destined for disposal, either because it does not meet supermarket spec or because it is surplus to customer demand.

As Emilie Vanpoperinghe goes on to explain “food waste is a bigger contributor to climate change than plastic waste” so although the idea behind Oddbox was not brand new, she speaks of how she combined this idea with her experience growing up on a farm and passion for building a more sustainable future.

Though the business, like many, has humble beginnings, the acceleration in demand of food delivery that has come about as a result of Covid has massively impacted the Oddbox story. We also speak about:

- The challenges of raising angel investment without an established network.

- And how Oddbox overcame the logistical issues around delivering fresh produce whilst still trying to remain affordable and carbon positive.

Understanding the inner workings of what it means to build a truly ‘green’ business has helped us to realise not only how challenging it can be, but also how important it is that other businesses take steps to move in this same direction.


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