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TFN Meets Mosa Meat

When you think ‘home-grown’, fruit and veg may spring to mind. What about growing meat?

Mosa Meat are a European food technology company that are helping everyone take a bite out of a better future – starting with the world’s kindest beef burger. We speak to Peter Verstrate, founder of Mosa Meat to discuss the fascinating world of cultured meat and how this food tech is set to disrupt the market, fostering a greener more sustainable future for all.

As Dan Hyde from Harrison Clark Rickerbys Ltd goes onto explain, the food tech market can be particularly tricky to navigate whilst ensuring that you remain protected against copycats and theft of intellectual property. Primarily because of the number of hoops you need to jump through in order to prove your concept as tried and tested.

Thank you Peter, for sharing your incredible journey with us and a huge thanks to Dan at HCR Law for sharing your legal advice with our community.



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