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TFN Meets HiGuests

If you haven’t already heard, we’re expanding our network to the UAE and we’re excited to be bringing more UAE-based businesses to your timeline through our TFN Meets series.

In this episode, we speak to Oriol Plana Masiques, Co-Founder and CEO of HiGuests, a platform that allows property owners to make more return by operating in holiday homes and mid-term rentals.

Oriol speaks to us about the industry that was generated by Airbnb and how HiGuests evolved from this by offering a professional management operation to their customers.

We speak about the many benefits Oriol has found from setting up his business in Dubai, and the potential that he saw due to its relatively untapped market in comparison to big European cities. And why recruiting a team that understands the local culture is vital when operating in different countries.


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