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How to design an attractive recruitment experience in 5 simple steps

Part of the Resource Solutions employer brand series for talent attraction and retention



With COVID-19 largely crippling the labour market, many organisations have had to face an uphill battle with restructuring, layoffs and furloughs – while moving staff to a home- based working model overnight. As immediate concerns are directed to organisations’ financial health and ability to withstand the ongoing pandemic challenges, the resulting avalanche of talent management challenges has likely shelved or buried employer branding and recruitment efforts.

Beyond retention and recruitment, employer branding is the tool that keeps your brand front-of-mind for candidates. Once the horizon becomes a little brighter, business decisions will be that much clearer – and the hiring action will be swift. Organisations shouldn’t park employer branding initiatives during this time; even if you are not hiring, ensuring your employer brand remains strong and relevant to job seekers will help you to continue to attract candidates for roles you will be advertising in the future.

Managing your Employer Brand EMEA - How to design an attractive recruitment experience in
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