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Bringing founders together to collaborate, enabling them to overcome the challenges of scaling a business

Our Community

You can't be an expert in everything, so we've created a community that is.....
With a wide range of experience, expertise and background, our community is well placed to accelerate your company's growth.

Our impressive network includes: founders/CEOs of larger brands; known success stories and influential individuals. All of who realise they can grow their businesses far quicker together than they ever would alone. 
Joseph Valente, 
The Apprentice Winner and Founder Trade Mastermind
Caroline Rowland, Founder of Egoli Media
Soum Rakshit, CEO & Co-Founder of MysteryVibe
Camilla Marcus-Dew, 
Co-Founder of The Soap Co

Our Masterclasses


Friday 23rd Oct, 12-1pm

Alistair Gosling, founder, EXTREME will share how he launched and pivoted the business


Friday 6th Nov, 12-1pm

Building the right team is so important - we will discuss how tech can ensure we get it right.


Friday 13th Nov, 12-1pm

Learn to motivate your team, out perform the competition and scale through your workforce. 
Providing everything you need to take your business to the next level. Topics include: 

- Funding  (finding investors, investment vs debt, etc.)
- Team  (building a team to scale, equity as an incentive, etc.)
- Capabilities  (branding, sales, pivoting & expansion)

Clips from recent Masterclasses:

Kuba Wieczorek, founder, eve sleep Mattresses, delivered a branding masterclass

Bringing members together at the top of the Gherkin, London to discuss the challenges and opportunities around raising funds (series A & B).

Over breakfast Kevin Brennan, former CEO, Quorn Foods shared the key to their success from the power partnerships and team management.

Brand tips from eve sleep

Raising Finance

Lessons from Quorn Foods 
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